We began the mechanization of the cane harvest in the end of the 1990’s. At Jalles Machado, the mechanized harvest is made in 98% of the areas. At Otávio Lage Unit, 100% of the cane is harvested by machines. The mechanized harvest presents many advantages compared to manual harvest:

·         Cane is harvested raw and, therefore, there is no need of burning. That reduces the environmental impact, mainly the emission of greenhouse gases. It also eliminates the spred of soot, which affects the population of the cane field regions;

·         Mechanized harvest leaves a layer of straw in the soil, which protects it from solar radiation, facilitates microbiological activity and makes it more fertile. Besides that, the straw which used to be burned, can be collected and used as increment in energy cogeneration;

·         In mechanized harvest the cost is lower and the operational efficiency is better, since the machines work 24 hours.